November 20, 2020

Christmas is nearly upon us once again. With so many friends and family that we haven’t been able to spend enough time with this year, let’s make this festive season count. And whilst you could plump for a Black Friday deal from an online mega-corporation, or a bottle of booze from a supermarket, we reckon we’ve got something a little more special than that.

Here are 3 gifts we reckon your friend and family would love under their Christmas tree…

1. MOSHIMO Money

In a world of plastic disposable gift cards, or email codes which got lost in spam and run out after 6 months, MOSHIMO Money offers a luxury experience. Beautiful printed vouchers, beautifully illustrated with Brighton’s favourite Japanese restaurant.

Oh, and they have a 5 year window to redeem them, giving plenty of opportunities to dine.

MOSHIMO Money is sent out with recorded delivery to the address of your choice, along with a Christmas card and a personalised greeting.

>> Grab some MOSHIMO Money

2. MOSHIMO Membership

It’s difficult to talk about MOSHIMO Membership without resorting to cliches, but it really is the gift that keeps on giving. A plethora of deals and offers are open to your recipient all year round, starting with January & February 50% off Madness. MOSHIMO Membership is a mere £24.

>> Sign up a friend for a year of goodies

3. MOSHIMO Sushi Masterclass*

Give someone a fish, and they’ll eat for a day. Teach someone to make sushi with it, and they’ll have a tonne of fun as well.

Learn a little of what makes MOSHIMO magical. Our Sushi Masterclasses will have you making a range of classic sushi dishes including maki, temaki, and nigiri. We can also provide vegan ingredients too.

>> Learn from the pros

For those who love Brighton, Christmas presents don’t get much better than a meal at MOSHIMO – the city’s best loved Japanese restaurant – whether we make it, or we teach you how. What’s more, you’ll be supporting a Brighton independent and the local economy in a year where the hospitality sector desperately needs it.

We hope your loved ones love your gifts.

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Love from Karl, Nicky and all of the MOSHIMO team

*Upcoming dates are dependent on COVID-19 restrictions. If your planned date gets cancelled, we will happily transfer you to a new date of your choice.