Following on from the success of our weekly sushi making workshops (see here), MOSHIMO is now offering a take-away and delivery service of all the ingredients you'll need to make sushi at home, including our ready-made sushi rice and award-winning sushi-grade fish.

Our tuna and salmon will be supplied in "bars" of around 500g ready for you to cut at home. One bar will generally be sufficient to make 7 portions of sashimi or 20 pieces of nigiri.

500g of cooked and prepared sushi rice will be sufficient to make 25 pieces of nigiri or 3 rolls of Futomaki, or 6 rolls of Hosomaki.


Line-caught Yellowfin tuna (1 bar) £18
Loch Duart Salmon (1 bar) £9
Mackerel £market price
Sea Bass £market price
Ikura (for 5 gunkan/10g) £9

Rice & Nori Seaweed

Cooked Sushi Rice (500g) £6.50
Nori £-


Wasabi paste £-
Kikkoman soy sauce £-
Ginger £-


Sushi making kit £11

*Please note that prices of fish may vary in line with market prices.