For parties, for birthdays, or just simply for the fun of it: Temaki Party Time is an exciting new concept from MOSHIMO where you get to create your own temaki.

£30 per person.

Click here to make a reservation and select “Temaki Party”.


We give you a quick temaki demonstration, and you then have fun inventing your own temaki with an array of ingredients beautifully displayed on platters: salmon and seabass sashimi, succulent katsu, tempura prawn and grilled salmon skin, avocado, cucumber, oshinko,  plus a range of sauces, chilli and seeds.  This being MOSHIMO, vegan options are of course available.

You get limitless rice and nori seaweed, and the price includes a cup of saké and miso soup. (And you get a bottle of wine if you are a MOSHIMO Member and it is your birthday*)

Temaki, meaning “hand roll” in Japanese, is a great introduction to making your own sushi because it’s kind of easy and even if you don’t get it looking quite right, it’s still delicious. A member of staff will give you a quick demonstration of how our chefs prepare them, but you can have just as much fun by ripping up the nori into smaller pieces and simply grabbing some rice with it and adding your chosen ingredients.


1 Have your ingredients ready:

Sushi rice

Nori (seaweed sheets)

Chosen fillings (a range of ingredients such as tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, prawn tempura, katsu, avocado, cucumber, shinko pickles… you’ll have enough!)

Sauces (e.g. soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, spicy chilli mayo)

Optional toppings (such as sesame seeds, chilli)

2 We’ve given you some latex gloves if you want to put these on your hands; moisten your gloves with a small amount of mayo or oil to stop the rice from sticking to them

3 Pick up one sheet of nori, and hold with the rough side facing you (remember: the rice always goes on the rough side of the nori, whichever maki you are making)

4 Take a ball of sushi rice (slightly less than a tennis ball in size should be about right) and spread it over half of the nori to cover the top left-hand corner and the bottom right. Don’t worry if it’s not too even – if you spend too much time at this stage, the nori will lose its crispiness – but do make sure the rice is spread sufficiently over this area

5 Add your chosen fillings at an angle across the centre of the rice (top left to bottom right). If you overfill your temaki, you’ll struggle to make a good temaki, so something like two pieces of avocado, or one piece of avocado and a slice of salmon should be perfect

6 Now the rolling. Take the bottom left-hand corner of the nori and carefully bringing this to meet the halfway point of the top of the nori sheet, ideally at a right-angle, then carefully turn everything into a cone shape.

7 Sprinkle sesame seeds or chilli on top, as desired

8 Now the most important bit: dip your very own temaki into some soy sauce and enjoy! Remember that temaki sushi is best enjoyed when the nori is still crispy, so don’t wait too long once the rice is on the nori before eating because it will go soggy pretty quickly.


To book, click here: reservation and select “Temaki Party”. Our website will allow reservations up to 12 people, for larger parties and corporate team building sessions please email

Cancelling your reservation and ‘NO SHOWS for a TEMAKI PARTY’:
A non refundable deposit of £10 per person was debited when you booked.
This deposit will be taken off your final bill at the end of your Temaki Party. Should you wish to cancel your reservation please let us know 48 hours before your party starts, our reservations team will then move your booking to another date.

Have fun. Minimum of two people. Booking essential. Available all day, every day. Please don’t forget to let us know in your booking notes about any dietary needs you have EG how many people require fish / vegan / vegetarian parties. Please note that Temaki Party Time is not part of 50% Moshimo Madness offer, although discounts may be extended to Moshimo Members from time to time. We offer a bottle of wine to Members booking the Temaki Party ten days either side of their birthday. Vouchers for the Temaki Party Time make an ideal gift and are available to buy here.