Here's what your new MOSHIMO Membership will give you:

MOSHIMO MONDAYS: 50% discount on your food bill

MOSHIMO TUESDAYS: 50% discount on your food bill

MOSHIMO SUNDAYS: £2.60 on ALL plates taken from the conveyor belt (as opposed to £2.90 for non-Members)

MOSHIMO JANUARY: 50% discount on your food bill throughout January (excl. weekends), if enough of you want it

MOSHIMO FEBRUARY: ...and throughout February also!

MOSHIMO EVENTS: £5 off any special ticketed events we do in the year, such as our popular Vegan Challenge in November and our festival events such as Brighton Japan

MOSHIMO BENTO: When you order our Pick-Of-Three Bento for the special price of £12, you will receive a free bowl of rice and free bowl of miso

AND REMEMBER: MOSHIMO MEMBERSHIP ALSO SUPPORTS OUR FISHLOVE™ CAMPAIGN As we never tire of saying, it is because of your support as a member that we are able to fund our ever more successful and influential Fishlove™ campaign.

The Fishlove™ images we produce every year gets media coverage that simply no other campaigns can. We consistently get massive coverage for this issue, raising awareness of destructing fishing practices the world over.

In the meantime, if you have any problems, please call our Members Team on 01273-719195

or email and we'll be happy to help out.

* Terms and Conditions apply. All offers and discounts are at the discretion of the owners of MOSHIMO, and may be subject to change.