MOSHIMO is located in The Opticon, a beautiful modernist building designed by dRMM in Bartholomew Square in 2000. The building was designed to resemble a lantern floating on the square, and was the finalist for the FX Interior Design Award and the Civic Trust Award. What's cool about it is that the walls are inspired by shoji screens and slide open just like in a traditional Japanese room, opening the whole restaurant up to the outside in summer.

Over 30% of our customers come to see us at least once a month, and quite a few come once or even twice a week. The reason why our customers are so loyal and regular is that they know what good food is: they know how important super-fresh fish is to make great sushi, and they can taste that our wonderful teriyaki and the stock used in our soup noodles is all homemade.

The Opticon is clever and inexpensive. In short it's a beautiful piece of work

Blueprint Magazine - Architecture & Design

Our customers also appreciate the work we do in fish conservation. MOSHIMO is the producer of FISHLOVE, a hugely successful photographic campaign that is raising awareness of destructive fishing practices around the world. The campaign has been credited by campaigners as having had a significant impact on the debate to reform the fishing industry in Europe. Have a look at www.fishlove.co.uk or join us on Facebook & Twitter

If you're not yet a member of MOSHIMO, you should become one: you'll get 50% off your food bill on Mondays and Tuesdays, as well as a host of other discounts and offers, including a free surprise gift in the month of your birthday.

Is there a better and cooler place to eat Japanese in Brighton? We don't think so.

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