Sushi Catering

We’ve been catering for parties and events for twenty years, and we’re good at it.

Sushi is a perfect option for events and parties. It’s varied, healthy, and different – and most importantly, it’s fresh. There’s no need for re-heating food, and because our award-winning chefs can also attend the event, the food can even be made directly in front of your guests.

Our specialty is miniature bite-sized sushi which can conveniently be eaten from beautifully presented lacquer platters and bamboo boats as they are passed around as part of a buffet. We also cater for more formal parties.

In addition to our sushi, we also have a wide range of Japanese and Korean cooked fish, meat, vegetarian, and vegan dishes.

The types of events we excel at catering for include…

  • Outside Catering Events

  • Business Lunches

  • House Parties

  • Wedding Receptions

  • Stage & Venue Hire

  • Team Building

We can also work with event management companies, and there are several companies in Brighton for whom we regularly cater for.

What you can expect…

  • MOSHIMO’s focus on high quality food brought to your catering event

  • The same level of brilliance regardless of whether your event is big or small

  • Fresh food prepared in front of your guests by award-winning chefs

  • More than just great taste – our sushi platters and food will be stylishly presented and will become a talking point of your event

  • We work around you – when and where, just let us know

  • Highly versatile food that can be made to any dietary requirements necessary, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes

  • Truly fresh food – sushi makes for great buffet additions as it’s served at room temperature, whilst our hot food is prepared on site and served immediately

  • Competitive pricing

catering moshimo

What we need to know…

  • What type of event are you hosting?

  • How many people will we need to feed at your event?

  • Where will it be hosted?

  • When is the event?

  • What time will people be eating at the event?

  • Are you looking for hot food, or just sushi catering for a buffet?

  • Do you have any specialist catering requests, such as provision of vegan and gluten-free options?

When you’re ready, email us at